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Timber & Pre-Purchase
Pest Inspections

We understand the importance of safeguarding your property investment against the silent threat of timber pests, by conducting a comprehensive assessment of both the interior and exterior, including roof voids and accessible subfloors. Utilizing advanced tools like the FLIR E54 Thermal Imaging Camera and Termatrac T3i Moisture/Thermal/Radar meter, we detect and confirm termite, borer, and fungal decay activity. You'll receive a detailed, standards-compliant Timber Pest Inspection Report

We're dedicated to safeguarding your property investment from timber pests. Our thorough assessment covers interior and exterior areas, utilizing advanced tools like the FLIR E54 Thermal Imaging Camera and Termatrac T3i Moisture/Thermal/Radar meter. You'll receive a comprehensive Timber Pest Inspection Report that adheres to industry standards.

Termite Control &

Termites, commonly known as "quiet destroyers," cause extensive structural damage, potentially resulting in substantial financial burdens.

Unfortunately, most insurance policies do not cover this damage, underscoring the importance of proactive prevention and control measures. Our services are designed to deliver effective termite control and treatment, ensuring your property remains termite-free.

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Sniper Termite and Pest Control specialises in Insect and Pest Control Treatments, Thermal Imaging Camera Pest Inspections, Pre Purchase Pest Inspections, and End of Lease Pest Control Brisbane.
Sniper is based in North Brisbane. We serve customers in the Brisbane CBD, North Brisbane, and across the Moreton Bay region including North Lakes and the Redcliffe Peninsula.

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I highly recommend Tom's services and know he will meet all future expectations. Thank you so much and carry on with the great work.
Tom was excellent, very thorough and provided fantastic service.
Rebecca D
Tom was great. Very proactive and booked us in within the same week!
Siyanna B.
Tommy is very professional. All my problems of cockroaches in my kitchen are solved. The dust powder he use is safe as well. Highly recommend. 
Ruchi G
Job well done and at the best price. Very well presented, arrived on time and very polite. Equipment was also well maintained. Will definitely use again. Thanks Tom.
Gary W
Tom attending my house and was there for such a long time with a thorough inspection and treatment. Very competitive pricing and great service!!
Darren L

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